Champagnat and Marist Spirituality
compiled by Pat Zirkel
(former member of the MFLSC)

The Practice of the Presence of God

Champagnat emphasized the practice of the presence of God to all his brothers during his lifetime:

1.        Seeing God in God’s creatures, with praise and blessing…Placing our trust in Providence, and expecting
from God’s Providence the help required in all our difficulties and needs.

2.        Taking Jesus as a model in our actions; keeping in mind his virtues, his suffering, his way of dealing with
persons; striving to act as he did, or would have done, in all circumstances.

3.        Offering all our actions to God and seeking in all things the greater glory of God.

4.        Saying short, fervent prayers often during the day and in our wakeful moments at night.

5.        Keeping ourselves in the state of grace; watching over our thoughts, words and entire conduct so that
nothing is said or done against conscience and offensive to God; combating temptations by the thought: GOD SEES

Founder of the Congregation of the Little Brothers of Mary; by One of his first disciples (Brother John-Baptist Furet).
Bicentenary Edition, 1989; General House, 2 Piazzale Champagnat, Roma, pages 319-20


Pat Zirkel is also submitting the following pages  written by Bro. Leonard Voegtle, FMS. Lenny unfortunately passed
away a couple of years ago. He was much loved and admired.

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(Marist Brothers)
A Tree with Several Branches

The Society of Mary is a "tree with several
branches". It was originally envisaged as a multi-
branched congregation, a vast enterprise
embracing all kinds of people: lay people as well
as religious, brothers, sisters, and priests, all
working for the same goal. This image captured
the imagination of the first Marists, and it
continues to do so today.

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