Although not very much represented on this website, the Marist Brothers (F.M.S.) are very involved in passing on
the Marist Spirituality to the young people through the schools and different programs.

Report from Mike Coveny from Marist School in Atlanta, April 2010

To know about the Marist Way at Marist School, check out the Marist School’s website,
or pull up the Marist Way link about “Marist Way” under “About Marist.”)

We are in planning stages for next year but here are a few recent touches:

Ø  We’re getting ready to start a marist spirituality blog here –, but I wonder if there is a
way I can link that in with your site?

Ø  I have a class of students studying Marist spirituality (in its 4th offering, 80 students have taken the course
over the past 3 years)…

Ø  The Mens and Womens Bible Studies, inspired by Marist spirituality, have been growing and going strong
(Jaime can comment more on the Men)

Ø  An evening series over the winter on Marist spirituality (mildly attended) will be offered again next year 3 times
throughout the course of the school  year…however, we are piloting a small group from that evening to meet in
the evenings, combining efforts with those alumni that attended a recent retreat…

Ø  This summer, we are going to publish a “Resource Notebook” on Marist spirituality that will be accessible to
all…just an edited compilation/summary of some of the themes and sources covering Marist spirituality in a one-
stop notebook…

Ø  And, some initiative on VOCATION AWARENESS and DISCERNMENT are forthcoming…

Please contact the director of The Marist Way at or at 770-936-2245 for more
information about how you can become involved in the Marist Way, or how you can receive information about
history of the Society of Mary and Marist spirituality.
Marist Spirituality: Special Youth

How to get involved in the Marist Way in the US (some examples)

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Gathering of Lay Marists