Seattle, Washington

Seattle Third Order of Mary

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Janice Seresun
10559 Ashworth Avenue N.
Seatle, Washington 98133

News from Seattle Third Order of Mary

The Seattle Third Order of Mary and Ann Brown, from the Marist Family
Laity Service Committee, recently gathered together during the Seattle
group's regular February meeting.  Following group prayer, petitions
and brief business, the group listened to Ann's sharing of her faith
journey including her involvement with the Marists, and her
presentations of written and oral resource materials that are
available.  Ann also gave an update of recent Marist developments in
the U.S.  All enjoyed snacks, desserts and socializing later.  
Then in mid-February the Seattle Third Order shared in a private Home-Mass and
reception from a newly-ordained priest, in appreciation for the group's
support throughout his seminary training.  
"Blessings" and "Happy Spring" to all, from the Seattle Third Order of Mary!

sent by Peter Seresun