Melbourne, Florida

Group statistics:  28 active members. 52 professed members, 24 associate members

Group director:   Pat Bradley

Spiritual accompaniment by: Father Edwin Keel, SM (Father Bill Hanley SJ is pastor
of Our Lady of Lourdes and is available for spiritual guidance)

Ministries: Our group is comprised of members from three parishes.  Members are all
active in their parishes and serve in the following ministries:  prison ministry, lectors,
ministers of the Eucharist, bible study, small Christian communities, ministry to the
sick, Christ renews His parish retreats, sacristans, Daily Bread Soup Kitchen, food
pantry and many other ministries.

Meetings: Our group meets on the first Saturday of the month for the 8:15 Mass
followed by a meeting in the Ministry Building.  We do not meet during July and

Special activities: Guest speakers, prepare lunch for Habitat for Humanity as needed.

Our group is in touch with the new group from Coral Springs, FL and we are in touch
with the group from Thayer, MO.  Don and I visited the Thayer group in the spring
and we will keep in touch as they are a great group and we had a wonderful visit.  It
was a great experience!

Left to right: Pat Bradley - rectress, Elaine McGavern - assistant rectress, Betty LaSota - treasurer,
                   Mary Hale - secretary

Left to right: Rose Alexander, Dorothy Buehn, Verdan Calim, Agnes Healy, Rosanne Ullmann, Pat
                   Bradley, Evelyn Pasonski, Elaine McGavern, Mary Hare, Don Kean, Pam Mauro,      
                   Peggy Ann Murphy

Our Lady of Lourdes T.O.M.

Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Melbourne, FL

Our Lady of Lourdes Fraternity
Our Lady of Lourdes Church
1626 Oak St.
Melbourne, FL 32901

Contact information:
Pat Bradley
37 W. Strawbridge Ave.  Apt. D-6
Melbourne, FL 32901
Email address: Elaine McGavern