The Marist Laity Service Committee was a group of lay volunteers who worked under
the guidance of Father Edwin L. Keel, S.M., Promoter of the Laity for the Atlanta
Province.  The Committee’s purpose was to serve the Marist lay movement in the
Province especially in the areas of materials and communications.  This Committee
was meeting twice a year and members of the Committee worked on their respective
areas of responsibility throughout the year.
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Marist Way SubCommittee
on networking

Spiritual Accompaniement by the Marist Fathers & Brothers (S.M.)
With the merging of the two provinces (Boston and Atlanta) in January 2009, and the
"aim of becoming a Marist spiritual/missionary movement fof Marist laity and Marist
Religious together", during the Spring meeting of 2009, several of the MLSC members
have been invited to serve on a joint committee with the Marist Fathers and Brothers
to collaborate on a new Marist Way movement.
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The existing Marist Laity Service Committee also referred to as MLSC will now bear
the name "Marist Way Sub-Committee on Networking".
Introduction and History