We had a short meeting but we set goals for one year.

Action plan of the MFLSC March 2010:

1/ Monthly communication.

Ann Brown, starting May 1st, between 1st and 5th of the month will start a turn of regional updates. Each person upon
receiving it will add information and forward to the next in a timely matter.
We determine the regions. Each region determined to do work together and eventually recruit for the MFLSC

1/ NW incl Seattle - Ann, Christine
2/Central California - Ann, maybe Mario S.M. and S.M.S.M.
3/Southern California -Sister Mary Jane Pesio, accompaniement by SMSM
4/Great Lakes (Detroit/Chicago) - Angela Laesch/Roxanne Moranty , Noreen inviting someone also. Accompaniement by
Sisters and Fathers
5/NE, Noreen and Kathryn, spiritual accompaniement by SMSM and Fathers, eventually FMS (NYC)

Reach out to Florida, Texas, Mid-Atlantic states in the future, maybe Hawai one day.

Purpose: Doing collaboration, bridges between branches within each region.

2/ Periodic updates to the web: to represent spirituality of all 4 branches:
May 31 - Visitation  
Week of Sep 8-Sep 12-Sep 15
Dec 8 - Immaculate Conception
Week of Mar 19/Mar 25 - St Joseph/

Goal would be for each branch to contribute to the web site (web site originally Atlanta Province S.M.)

Schedule for the year 2010:
Mar10 Text Angela wrote about Marist Spirituality by Sisters
May10 - Noreen - SMSM
Sep10 - Text Pat wrote about Spirituality FMS (ask her permission)
Dec10 - Recruitment - Christine (results research to share with all and that can benefit all branches)

Monthly communication:
Exchange information from one's region whether it is from one Lay branch or work together between branches. It will go
in the "Upcoming Events" and "Recent events" sections of the website. Note: when writing a ready to post+picture
message, mention it in the "Monthly Family Forward Lay Ladies" email but send it separate with title "Website - Recent
Event - (location month year)" or "Website - Upcoming events - (location month year)
Reminder dates following month
Each member to add smth about dates within their own branches.

Noreen to start Facebook for ex volunteers.  Br. Frank
Marist Volunteer Picnic reunion
Also for Marist Islanders
Figure out what we will say.
About 120 ex-volunteers.

Christine to gather creative ways of recruiting new members in different congregations and regions.

Within 1 year Mar 2011 bring several people from each region. In meantime, have a conference call in Nov10.

Each region to create local/regional meeting/picnic and use local resource.
Goal: on per year? Next one 22May, then Santa Cruz?

Couple from FMS, lay group sending email. Invite them.

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vowed laity contact persons,
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