It is an exploratory committee of lay representatives associated with all four vowed Marist congregations.
It was set up to investigate ways in which lay Marists can serve one another.

Following the First National Conference of Marist Laity in New Orleans in November 2000, Father Ed Keel SM gathered some
interested Marist laity and religious from the four Marist congregations - the Marist Fathers (SM), the Marist Brothers (FMS), the
Marist Sisters (SM) and the Marist Missionary Sisters (SMSM) - in Framingham, Massachusetts. That group of two dozen people
decided to appoint a small group of lay Marists whose mandate included investigating ways that we laity could help one another.

Those present were responding to the more than 150 participants at New Orleans whose answer to the question on the final
evaluation form: (What help are you looking for in your life as a Marist?) were:

1. They wanted more communication and more collaboration
2. They wanted resource materials to assist them in implementing the Marist concept and to grow spiritually
3. They wanted ways to do Mary's work, to implement the Marist way.

The committee was instructed to consider such things as a possible web site, another national conference, the sharing of
information and printed materials, and the organizing of workshops. In general, the committee was charged with investigating how
to serve as a conduit for information and how to be of service to all lay Marists. To do all these many tasks and more, the small
original group of seven lay people need the support and help of many other lay Marists. There is a need for several subcommittees
to begin work on some of these tasks, and this work will demand the assistance of many more people. There is a need for YOU,
the Marist laity, to help.

A first committee was formed during the weekend of October 3-5, 2001 in Framingham
It ended its work by producing the 2004 Marist Laity Conference in Quincy, MA.
A new committee was formed during a week-end in Darien, IL on October 2005. Its first meeting was in October 2006
(see below)

Lay Marists would include any lay person following a Marist spirituality including - but not limited to - members of the
third order, Marist Associate Members, alumni, faculty, parishioners in Marist parishes, etc.

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