Membership ceremony
Marist Laity of South Florida

September 15th, 2007
St. Andrew Catholic Church
Coral Springs, FL
A ceremony "Marist Gift to the Church" with Fr. Andrew Chan-A-Sue was held after the 9:00 a.m. Saturday
Mass and followed by a picnic in the parish picnic area.
Rosemary and Don Kean from Melbourne, FL were present. They had been part of the "launching" of the
group a year and 2 months ago and came back to share this special event.

Present, and on the picture:

1 Barrett, Sheila
2 Beague, Mitschell, Deltona, FL
3 Beague, Natacha, Deltona, FL
4 Brill, Mary
5 Courteau, Therese
6 DiSanto, Carmella
7 Dobies, Lorraine
8 Lacy, Catherine
9 Lopez, Cassidy
10 Lopez, Chloe
11 Lopez, Millie
12 Pierre-Paul, Johanne
13 Ruske, Adele
14 Santomario, Baude
15 Scheuerman, Marilyn
16 Casaletto, Jeannette
17 Kent, Joanne
18 Persichilli, Sandy
19 Yang, Maria
20 Campo, Elizabeth F.
21 Filizzola, Marta
22 Berger, Emilia
23 Forlenza, Peggy

Names requested to be mentioned in absentia...most received Fr. Edwin Keel's Marist spirituality emails.

1 Barreto, Hilda Visiting Peru
2 Burden, Clare Coral Springs, FL
3 Chen, Joseph Arcadia, California
4 Chen, Theresa  Arcadia, California
5 Fontanilla, Gigi Miriamar, FL
6 Gaunt, Pauline Miami, FL  
7 Guillotte, Joe Coral Springs, FL
8 Hoyle, Maggie Coral Springs, FL
9 Jean, Marie C. Royal Palm, FL
10 Kaye, Laura Jean Gainsville, Georgia
11 Kerry, May Coral Springs, FL
12 Kish, Walter J. “Buck” Las Vegas, NV
13 Maghiro, Fatima ”Gigi” Coral Springs, FL
14 Maurer, Edward W.   Aurora, Colorado
15 McLillan, Gail Coral Springs, FL
16 Nelson, Marie Coral Springs, FL
17 Nicoll, Shelly Coral Springs, FL
18 Pierre-Paul, Solange Coral Springs, Fl
19 Rivera, Yairene Coral Springs, FL
21 Rodriquez, Henry/Hank (Posthumous)  Deceased 1 October 2006 age 68 Cancer. Born Bronx, NY 1938.  
22 Simon, Irene Coral Springs,  

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