Partnership Gathering

May 8th, 2007
New Orleans, LA

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Partnership Gathering, May 8th

A Marist partnership gathering, requested by Father Ted Keating and sponsored by the local Marist Laity,  was
held the evening of May 8, 2007 for the parishoners of the Catholic Church in East St. James Parish in
Louisiana. This is now a cluster of three Catholic Church Parishes:  Sacred Heart in Gramercy, St. Joseph in
Paulina, and St. Michael in Convent, formerly served individually by Marist Fathers. Accompaning Father
Keating was Father Peter Blanchard, Father Mario Rizzuto, Father Ed Fuss, Brother Albert and Derek Coelho

After sharing food and fellowship, Father Keating spoke of how painful it was to have to leave these three
Church parishes. He confirmed a renewed partnership between the Marist Fathers, Marist Brothers, Marist
Sisters and the Marist Laity groups. He recognized the diverse ministries, fidelity and experience of the laity
living the Spirit of Mary in the Church. Since Vatican II, the religious and laity have a deeper understanding and
acceptance of the many roles of mission flowing from their Baptism. Restructuring is now a call to deepen the
spiritual basis of our individual roles. He looks forward to a partnership of support and mutual enrichment,  
thereby deepening the Marist way of mercy, service, and continuing dialogue among ourselves and in our daily