Lay Marists Meet Assistant to Superior General

June 24th, 2007
Atlanta, GA
by Mary Ann Adkins

Three lay Marists in the United States had the great privilege of meeting Father Rafaele Qalovi,
S.M., Assistant to the Superior General of the Marist Fathers and Brothers, on June 24, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Father Qalovi was in the U.S. to attend the joint assembly of the Marist Fathers and Brothers of the Atlanta and
Boston Provinces, held in Chicago in June.  At Father Qalovi’s request, and with the help of Father Edwin Keel,
S.M., Promoter of the Laity for the Atlanta Province, and Jackie Ball, past-Chairperson of the Marist Laity
Service Committee, who lives in Atlanta, a meeting was  arranged.  Jackie Ball, Mary Ann Adkins, Chairperson,
and Christine Colomban, Secretary,  met with Father Qalovi at Marist School on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.   

Father Qalovi conveyed the best wishes of the Superior General and the General Administration
to the laity in the United States.  

Born and educated in Fiji, Father Qalovi has a background in education.  He has been an Assistant to the
Superior General for six years.  He has held the specific position of Assistant in matters related to the laity for
about a year and a half.   His plans to become acquainted with lay leaders include extensive traveling not only
to the Americas, but also to a meeting of lay leaders from seven European countries in Italy in August, to the
South Pacific, and to Australia later in 2007.     

A large segment of time was spent discussing the needs for materials for lay Marists in various places in the
world.  The General Administration is interested in getting the materials produced by the Atlanta Province—the
formation program “Doing the Work of Mary: An Invitation to the Marist Way,” and the “Handbook for Leaders of
Marist Laity Groups”—translated into Spanish and French.  Father Qalovi also asked for assistance in
distributing these materials more widely in English.  

Father Qalovi explained that the Superior General, Very Rev. Jans Hulshof, S.M., is encouraging the creation of
a truly global movement. He is emphasizing Father Colin’s ideal of “making the whole world Marist.”  He is
asking the laity, “In order to achieve this ideal, what are the specific tasks of every Marist?”   

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