Consecration to Our Lady of Good Help

May 1st, 2008
Our Lady of Sorrow Third Order of Mary, Essex, CT
Submitted by: Lorraine P Maloney, T.O.M. Director

                On Thursday, the first day of May, 2008, Our Lady of Sorrows Third Order of Mary in Essex,
Connecticut, held its monthly meeting after morning Mass. We began with singing Marian songs and the
Crowning of the outside life size statue of Our Lady of Sorrows with beautiful silk flowers. Fr. Paul Gaumond,
our pastor, blessed everyone present.

We processed back inside the church for the Profession of one of our members. Next each T.O.M. member
prayed the Commitment Prayer to Our Lady and individually brought up a cut flower, daisies and carnations of
varied colors, to place in one of three vases at the foot of the statue of Our Lady of  Fatima located near the
altar. Each one consecrated themselves to Jesus through Mary.

Before the recitation of the rosary, everyone brought forward pictures of their children, grandchildren, nieces,
nephews, and family friends’ children whom they desired to consecrate to Our Lady. For others, who did not
have photographs, they wrote the Children’s names on paper and placed them in a white basket accented with
a white chiffon bow. All of these names and photographs were placed at the foot of the altar.

Copies of the prayer sheet to Our Lady of Good Hope were handed out and Fr. Paul came forward to bless all
the pictures and names with holy water. We then began to recite the prayers for the preborn, our children & our
grandchild and all other children.
feast of delicious desserts.feast of delicious desserts.

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