Day of recollection Third Order groups in the Detroit area

May 18th, 2008
St Albert the Great, Dearborn Hgts, MI
Report from Fr Albert DiIanni, S.M.

Fr DiIanni celebrated the 12:00 Mass at St. Albert the Great in Dearborn Hgts, the Mass at which young adults
provide the music and singing. The sermon was partly directed to young adults, but I also spoke briefly about
the Third Order of Mary and invited members of the parish to join.  

After the Mass, Fr DiIanni held a short day of recollection for four different Third Order groups in the Detroit
area. The groups are the following: the Third Order of Mary at St. Albert the Great in Dearborn Hgts, the St.
Barnabas fraternity (attached to the Marist Sisters) in Eastpointe, MI, the St. Gerard's group which meets in
different homes, and the Third Order group in Oxford MI which also meets in homes. Those from the Oxford
group were planning to attend but decided against it because many of them were suffering from the flu. They
telephoned to express their apologies for not being able to attend. About 35 people attended.

After the Mass, we had a lunch and social time which was very well organized by Rosemary Moranty (director of
the St. Albert the Great Third Order) and her helpers.

After this, Angela Laesch spoke to the group about the Marist Family Laity Service Committee, explaining its
scope and purpose.  

Fr. DiIanni then followed up with a conference about the state United States culture and the role of the laity in
the contemporary church.

We ended with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, during which one new member of the St. Barnabas
group made her profession or commitment.

Everyone seemed to enjoy meeting the members of the different groups and responded well to the talks and

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