Visit of a Lay Marist from Florida

June 29th, 2008
Anaheim, CA
Report from Sheila Barrett, FL

Hi All,
I had a great opportunity while at the library convention at Anaheim, CA to meet up with Marists in the area and
beyond.  Good visit and trip.
Happy 4th!
Sheila Barrett in rainy FL

A very big thanks to Sheila for sending us such a rich report, we hope you can open it by clicking on the link
below... It might take time to download because of the pictures. If you cannot open the file and would like to
receive it as an attachment to an email, please contact the web master at

To all the Lay Marists of California, welcome to this web site, we are very happy to put a face on many of you
that we already knew by name from the section Lay Groups !

Click here to read the report

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