In their own words

This month, we would like to invite you to read the book "Like a Bridge" and its section "Lay Marists Speak"
which contains many testimonies from around the world.

"This book makes a practical contribution to developing the concept of what it is to be a Marist, especially for lay
people. The historical portions give an insight into the personality of J.C. Colin and provide a sense of who we are
and where we have come from. The testimonies illustrate many different ways of living out the same spirit of
Mary. The book will serve as an additional valuable resource to Marist lay groups and to individuals seeking to
come to grips with what it seams to be Marist in today's church." Kevin Luxford, Australia

Here is an extract from this book written by Laurence Duffy, SM and Charles Girard, SM

"The following anonymous testimony comes from Hawaii in the United States of America.

Over ten years ago I first learned of the Society of Mary and the Third Order from a dear friend who was a
charter member of the Confraternity when it was first formed in Honolulu. Because o a physical handicap, making
it impossible for her to drive, I took her regularly to the monthly meeting at Star of the Sea Church, including all
days of recollection and other special celebrations. She regularly spoke of Marist spirituality and the way of
Mary telling me of the love and spiritual healing it had brought her. She wanted me to experience the same joy
and constantly asked me to consider becoming a member of the Third Order. I explained to her many times that I
was not a "joiner". I did not wish to join the group just to say I belonged.
In the summer of 1983, I spoke to Father Flynn of my interest in the Third Order. He welcomed me and after
some discussion referred me to the Mistress of Novices for an interview and a year long period of instruction.
With a number of others similarly imbued with a deep and sincere love for the Mother of our Lord, we met
monthly for a year of instruction and prayer. In August 1984 we were professed and became members of the
Third Order of Mary.
At the time I did not know and truly understand what Marist spirituality would some day mean to me. I had,
however, begun a journey down a dimly lit passage stumbling often, trying to follow Mary's way. I gradually
realized that it was not enough to be drawn to Mary as the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, but I needed to understand
her as the "model of Faith"
I believe what appealed to me then and has been more fully characterized since, is the apostolic style of the
Society of Mary. It seems to me tha the humility, compassion and service, all Marian attributes, are reflected
over and over in the day to day activities of the Society of Mary. As a lay member of the Society I had tried to
follow Mary's example in devotion, acceptance and obedience to the will of God."


If you are a Lay Marist living in the U.S.A. and would like to share a little bit about what it means for you to be a
Marist, please write to