Meeting of Lay Marists of Europe

Torino, Italy,
August 23-26, 2007
1st European Meeting of Lay Marists – Society Of Mary
“Happy to be marists”

From the 23rd to the 26th of August, the first European meeting of Lay Marists was held at Saint Joseph Center
(La Salle), Turin at the initiative of the Marist Fathers, the Marist Sisters (S.M.) and the Marist Missionary
Sisters (S.M.S.M.).

More than one hundred lay people and religious participated in this meeting coming from several countries:
Ireland, United Kingdom, Holland, France, Spain, Germany and Italy. These people belonged to different
groups who live the Marist spirituality inherited from Father Colin and the other founders of the Society of Mary,
within parishes or other works carried out by the three above-mentioned branches.

The four objectives were:
- making known the different community experiences of lay Marist spirituality in Europe;
- getting processes for communication underway ;
- looking for future paths which would challenge the Marist Laity;
- working on certain aspects of Marist spirituality, especially that which concerns lay identity.

To reach these objectives, the organizers proposed five talks:
To read three of the talks, you may visit the website of the Marist Fathers in Ireland:

Talk 1
"Hidden and unknown: a Marist way to life", by Jan Hulshof , Superior General of the Marist Fathers

Talk 2
"The identity of Marist lay people and their relation with the other branches: to what extent has
Father Colin’s dream been realized?" by Marie-Claude Grulier, French laywoman

Talk 3
"Marist lay people: what perspectives for the future?" by Marion Korenromp, Dutch laywoman

The other 2 talks were the following:

Talk 4
“The Role of the Laity in the Church and in Today’s World in Europe” by Don Ermis Segatti

Talk 5
“Daily Marist Spirituality and how it relates to our Christian communities” by Laura Dealessi, Italian

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