Formation Programs

Existing Marist Lay groups will be familiar with some of these formation programs and may wish to explore materials
they have not used yet. We strongly encourage new groups to acquire the Handbook and the Formation Program.

The following are introductory materials:

“Come... join us in the work of Mary”
This attractive tri-fold flier issues a brief invitation to consider becoming a lay Marist.  It is designed to be placed in
church information racks and/or distributed wherever possible.   Marist lay groups may use it to attract new members.  
Suggested donation: US $0.10 per flier.

The Marist Way:Frequently Asked Questions about Marist Laity
This eight-page booklet gives a concise explanation of who the Marists are, and how lay people can participate in
Marist life and mission.  It offers a clear presentation of what is expected of lay people who commit themselves to the
Marist way.  Suggested donation: US $1.00.

The Work of Mary
This colorful, twenty-four page booklet presents an overview of Marist spirituality.  It also includes a brief sketch of the
early history of the Society of Mary.  Suggested donation:  US $3.00.

We suggest that leaders of groups, old or new, make use of the following Handbook:

Handbook for Leaders of Marist Laity Groups
This is a resource book for group leaders. It comes in a large loose-leaf, three-ring binder containing 150 pages of
materials on topics such as Marist history and spirituality, practical guidelines for group organization and leadership, and
materials and resources available for group use. Easy to photocopy.  (Suggested donation: US $30)

We suggest that new groups start with the following Formation Program. We also strongly suggest that older groups
use this program to review and strengthen their understanding of Marist spirituality, as well as use it in the formation of
new members.

Doing the Work of Mary: An Invitation to the Marist Way
This is an entire introductory course in Marist spirituality written especially for lay groups. The program
includes facilitator's guidelines and materials for nine sessions of instruction and discussion. It comes in a
large loose-leaf, three-ring binder containing more than 150 pages ready to photocopy. We will send one
master copy to each group requesting it. (Suggested donation: US $20)

The following materials may also be used to enrich the experience of exploring Marist spirituality:

Tasting God and Breathing Mary's Spirit
This set of six audio tapes with accompanying texts from Father Colin is an excellent resource for use at any kind of
Marist gathering. (Suggested donation: US $15)

Exercises in Marist Spirituality
This series of meditations on several themes of Marist spirituality and on the Gospel stories ("Mary in the Newborn
Church", "Mary at Nazareth," and "Mary in the Church of Our Day") is designed for persons who are discerning
whether to join the Marist family as well as for those interested in deepening their understanding of the Marist
Spirituality. It exists in the form of leaflets ready to photocopy. (Suggested donation: US $3.00 per set)

To Live as Mary: Marist Themes for Spiritual Formation
This series of fifteen leaflets touches on the major themes of Marist spirituality.  Each theme offers biblical passages, key
words from the Marist spiritual tradition, points of instruction, and suggestions for prayer and for action.  May be used
by individuals or by groups.  Includes instructions for the group leader.  Set of leaflets ready to photocopy.  Suggested
donation:  US $2.50 per set.

For those who complete a program of spiritual formation and wish to make a commitment to the Marist way:

Set of Ceremony Supplies
One commitment ceremony booklet, one cord, and one pin.  Suggested donation US $5.00.

To order materials please send a request to:

Rev. Edwin Keel, S.M.
Marist Laity Center
Eight 5th Street, Apartment 311
Wheeling, WV 26003-2582
Phone:  304-905-9359

Please make checks payable to Marist Laity

The suggested donation includes the cost of postage and handling.  Suggested donations are just that:  if you
want an item but cannot afford the amount suggested, send what you can.

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