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Like a Bridge:  The People of God and the Work of Mary
by Laurence Duffy SM and Charles Girard SM
This book presents the vision of the Marist founders for the Marist lay branch, and how that vision can be lived out
in today’s Church.  Included are testimonies by lay Marists to what living the Marist way has meant to them.  And
many examples are given of how lay Marists are organized, and their prayerful and apostolic activities, in many
countries around the world.  201 pages.  Suggested donation:  $4.00.

The Marist Laity: Finding the Way Envisaged by Father Colin
by Frank McKay SM
Fr. Jean-Claude Colin, Marist founder, had a bold and exciting vision for the Marist laity.  This book tries to really
listen to the founder, present his vision for today, and suggest ways of acting on that vision.  Available only in
electronic version.  Free of charge by e-mail.  For electronic version on CD-ROM, suggested donation $4.00.

Lay Marists:  Anthology of Historical Sources
by Charles Girard SM
A scholarly collection of all the documentation available on the origins and early years of the lay branch of the
Society of Mary.  A necessary tool for an in-depth understanding of the Third Order of Mary and Marist Laity.  963
pages.  Suggested donation:  $27.00.

Books On Marist Spirituality

A Certain Way: An Exploration of Marist Spirituality
by Craig Larkin SM
A presentation of the major themes of Marist spirituality, incorporating the words of the founder, reminiscences of
early Marists, and the best of modern research and reflection on the Marist spiritual tradition.  Handily arranged so
that every  double page presents a different theme for meditation.  Illustrated with many color and black-and-white
photos.  184 pages.  Suggested donation:  $9.00.
Check also the web site: www.acertainway.info

The Age of Mary
by Jan Snijders SM
This is a study of how the early Marists understood the role of Mary as mother of mercy, and therefore their own
mission as Marists, in nineteenth century France, a time of growing secularism and dechristianization, but a century
that was also called “the age of Mary.”  Available only in electronic version.  Free of charge by e-mail.  For
electronic version on CD-ROM, suggested donation $3.00.

A Founder Speaks: Spiritual Talks of Jean-Claude Colin
selected and introduced by Jean Coste SM
This is a collection of spiritual sayings of Fr. Jean-Claude Colin, Marist founder, as recorded by Fr. Gabriel-Claude
Mayet, one of the first-generation Marists.  They are drawn from retreat talks, table conversation, spiritual advice
given to individuals, etc.  A treasure-house of spiritual wisdom, it provides an insight into the mind of the founder
and into the Marist spiritual tradition.  605 pages.  Suggested donation: $6.00.

A Founder Acts: Reminiscences of Jean-Claude Colin by Gabriel-Claude Mayet
selected and introduced by Jean Coste SM
Little day by day stories, comments, and observations about Fr. Jean-Claude Colin, Marist founder.  What emerges
from this selection of remembrances  from the journals of Fr. Gabriel-Claude Mayet, early Marist, is a spiritual
portrait of the founder, and how he both shaped and was shaped by the Marist spiritual tradition.  538 pages.  
Suggested donation:  $6.00.

A Book of Texts for the Study of Marist Spirituality
compiled by Edwin L. Keel SM
A collection of the words of the Marist founders, especially of Jean-Claude Colin, arranged according to theme.  
Covers all the major themes of Marist spirituality.  Available only in electronic form.  Free of charge by e-mail.  For
electronic version on CD-ROM, suggested donation $3.00.

The Marist Story:  The Fourviere Experience; The Cerdon Experience; The Bugey Experience
by Christ Whelan SM
This set of three booklets is a collection of resources for praying and reflecting on the events crucial to the
foundation of the Society of Mary.  Fourviere is the location of the Marian shrine in Lyons where the first group of
Marists aspirants pledged to found the Society.  Cerdon is the town where Jean-Claude Colin was first assigned as a
priest, and together with his brother, also a priest, and Jeanne-Marie Chavoin who would found the Marist Sisters,
reflected on Mary’s presence in the Church and the spirit that the new Society must embody.  Bugey is the name of
the mountainous area where the first Marist missions were preached.  Illustrated with black-and-white photos.  148
pages total.  Suggested donation for set of three booklets: $9.00.

Books on Marist History

Lectures on Society of Mary History: 1786-1854
by Jean Coste SM
This series of lectures, given by Fr. Coste to the Marist students in Rome in 1961-62, are still of great value today
as a clear factual account of the origins of the Marists from the birth of the oldest of the founding generation,
Jeanne-Marise Chavoin, foundress of the Marist Sisters, through the end of the Generalate of Fr. Colin, the first
Superior General, in 1854.  250 pages plus maps.  Suggested donation:  $3.00.

A Short History of the Society of Mary: 1854-1993
by Philip Graystone SM
This book recounts the history of the Society of Mary (Marist Fathers and Brothers) from the end of the Generalate
of Fr. Colin through the Generalate of Fr. Jago.  For each General Administration, an account is given of the events
that occurred, the new missions taken on, the new provinces established, the various crises that needed to be dealt
with.  Illustrated with many black-and-white photos.  180 pages.  Suggested donation: $5.00.

Jean-Claude Colin, Marist:  A founder in an era of revolution and restoration: the early years 1790-1836.
by Donal Kerr SM
This very excellent biography of the Founder of the Society of Mary covers the first half of his life, concluding
with his election as the first Superior General.  It provides a superb understanding of the historical circumstances in
which the Marists were founded, namely the French Revolution and its aftermath, and the twenty-year effort, led
by Fr. Colin, to obtain the Church’s recognition of the Marists as a Religious Congregation.  349 pages.  Suggested
donation:  $14.00.

For a Marian Church:  Marist Founders and Foundresses.
by Antoine Forissier SM
After sketching verbal portraits of the founders and pioneers of the four Marist religious congregations, the author
presents the basic spiritual insights of the Marist family.  He then speaks of the active presence of Mary in today’s
world, and asks the question, “Has the ‘marian manner’ of the Marist tradition helped to renew the Church?”  268
pages.  Suggested donation:  $9.00.

Travelers in Hope:  The Story of Marcellin Champagnat and his fellow Founders of the Society of Mary
by Brother Frederick McMahon FMS
This is the story of Saint Marcellin Champagnat and his relationship with the other Founders and pioneers of the
Society of Mary.  It covers Marist history from 1816 through 1875.  252 pages.  Suggested donation:  $10.00.  
(This book and many others are also available from the Marist Brothers.)

Marcellin Champagnat: A Marist Saint
by Alois Greiler SM
This booklet presents a brief biography of one of the earliest group of Marists.  St. Marcellin’s great work was the
foundation of the Marist Brothers of the Schools, one of the great teaching orders in the Church.  This booklet,
written by a Marist priest, emphasizes Champagnat’s role in the founding of the Society of Mary, i.e. the Marist
Fathers and Brothers.  46 pages.  Suggested donation: $1.50.

Ever Your Poor Brother:  Peter Chanel: Surviving Letters and Futuna Journal
translated by William Joseph Stuart SM and Anthony Ward SM
Here are the letters and the missionary journal written by Peter Chanel, the first Marist saint and protomartyr of
Oceania.  Peter Chanel was among the first group to take vows as Marists on September 24, 1836.  Exactly  three
months later, he set sail for Oceania where nearly a year later he was left on the tiny island of Futuna to preach the
Gospel.  Less than four years after landing there, he was martyred.  The letters and journal provide  unique insights
into the life of this early Marist and the conditions of missionary life that he embraced.  Black and white photo.  466
pages.  Suggested donation:  $9.00

A Greater than Solomon Here:  A Story of Catholic Church in Solomon Islands 1567-1967
by Claire O’Brien SMSM
The story of the establishment and growth of the Catholic Church in the Solomon Islands, and the role of the
Marists in that story.  Illustrated with black-and-white photos.  258 pages.  Suggested donation: $4.00.
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