For the facilitators
of the Marist Lay Groups

If you do not have a page for your own group and wish to be added,
please contact me at
We would love to have as many groups represented as possible to
generate bridges between us across the miles. Christine, web master

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Dear facilitators of T.O.M. /Marist Laity/ Marist Way groups,

Here are a few suggestions or resources for your meetings:

Fr Edwin Keel's letter from April 28th, 2009 (see "
Letters to Lay Marists") can be copied and used as a
study guide for your group.

Fr Edwin's audio talks are also available as texts, please check out our "
Exploring the Marist Way" section.
You may want to make a copy for your groups or invite your members to read them by logging onto our web
site. If you wish to receive a copy of the previous audio via email or on a CD, please contact Fr Edwin Keel or

Finally, we would like to refer you to a brochure called "
Consecration of children to Our Lady of Good
". It can be a great project for some members of the groups or for you leaders to take on! Please visit our
section "
Resources" on this web site.

And as always, if you wish to share some info about your group, a picture or an article, feel free to contact me,
there are still so many of you we want to get to know better! You may either email me or send me a snail mail at
C.  Colomban 19019 International Blvd #398, SEATAC, WA 98188 (if you ask, I will send you back the picture
or document you sent me).

In God's Peace

Christine - webmaster