Sharing Our Call is designed as an introduction to the history and charism of Marcellin
Champagnat, the Marist Brothers, and Marist Education.  From the beginning, the “our” in Sharing
Our Call has had an emphasis on the (baptismal) call of all people (lay and religious) in Marist
schools to the vocation of Marist Education.  As of November 2007, 551 people have participated
in the Sharing Our Call program.

Every “Sharing Our Call” participant has received a copy of Sean Sammon’s book A Heart That
Knew No Bounds and a copy of the Marist Education document “In the Footsteps of Marcellin
Champagnat: A Vision for Marist Education Today” in addition to a variety of materials related to
the topics:

•        Marcellin Champagnat: the man of history
•        Introduction to Marist Spirituality
•        Marcellin Champagnat: the wounded healer
•        What does a Marist School look like?
•        Call and Vocation
•        Today’s Catholic Youth
•        The vocation of the lay Marist Educator


Perhaps the greatest benefit to come out of the Sharing Our Call program to date is the level of
articulation of Marist identity and Marist mission by SOC participants.  While it might be hard to
measure in a scientific way, it is very clear that a vision for Marist Education – and an articulation
of that vision by a good number of people – exists today that did not exist prior to December
1998.  This is due to the Sharing Our Call program, the in-service and faculty retreat programs,
and the ongoing Marist development initiated by the school leadership of our schools.


An outgrowth of the Sharing Our Call program has been the newly initiated Sharing Our Mission
program designed to address specific areas within the realm of Marist Education.  

The first session of Sharing Our Mission was held from September 17 through September 19,
2006 for the chair people of the religion and campus ministry departments of our Marist schools.  
Mr. Michael Theisen from the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry discussed the
Catholic data and implications from the National Study of Youth and Religion.  This was the
context for the discussion of the implications of this study for the role and purpose of religion and
campus ministry programs in our Marist schools.        

A second Sharing Our Mission session was held from April 22 through April 24, 2007 for athletic
directors and head coaches from our Marist schools.  The theme of this session was “The
Coaching Mission,” and it was facilitated by Mr. Dobie Moser from the National Federation for
Catholic Youth Ministry.
Chairpersons from Campus Ministry and Religious Education departments of US Marist schools
gathered for the third Sharing Our Mission session at Morning Star Renewal Center in Miami,
Florida from September 16-18, 2007 to discuss recent findings and learnings on adolescent

This year’s gathering was a follow-up to last year’s meeting which focused on the question, “Will
Our Faith Have Children?” presented by Mr. Michael Theisen of the National Federation for
Catholic Youth Ministry.

This year’s presenter was Mr. Bob McCarty, president of the National Federation for Catholic
Youth Ministry.  Bob was the presenter at one of our inter-provincial assemblies in the mid-1990’s.

 Bob’s focus was on the religious education needs of young American Catholics.  He stressed the
importance of responding to the actual needs of high school age Catholics and not our need to
create copies of ourselves.  

 Next year’s Sharing Our Mission for Campus Ministry and Religion chairs will be held in Chicago
from Saturday, October 4 through Monday, October 6, 2008.

 The themes for the first three Sharing Our Mission sessions were suggested by principals, campus
ministers, and Sharing Our Call participants.  Based on the September 2006 and September 2007
Sharing Our Mission sessions for campus ministers and religion department chairs, the decision has
been made to have this group meet annually.  

 Those attending the April 2007 Sharing Our Mission session for athletic directors and head
coaches asked to meet again.  A second Sharing Our Mission session for athletic directors and head
coaches will be held in Esopus from April 20 through April 22, 2008.  Brother Kevin Handibode,
president of Christopher Columbus High School and Mr. Chris McKeon, athletic director at
Christopher Columbus High School will facilitate this session.

 An interesting fact is that more than 75% of the participants in Sharing Our Mission sessions have
participated in Sharing Our Call and/or Marist Youth.

SOM 1                October 2006              18        Campus Ministry and Religion Chairpersons
SOM 2                March 2007                14        Athletic Directors and Head Coaches
SOM 3                September 2007          16        Campus Ministry and Religion Chairpersons
SOM 4                April 2008                              Athletic Directors and Head Coaches
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