We meet monthly in the homes of members on the first Friday evening for prayer and a social.
Our group typically includes four couples, four singles, and four vowed religious Brothers.
Our ministries are many and are as varied as the group.
We have met faithfully since 1973, although many of the original members have either left the area
for warmer weather or have passed away. Our agenda over the years has included efforts to
encourage other groups of ex- and current Marist Brothers to maintain social and spiritual contact.
As part of this effort, we organize a yearly picnic each September at Mount St. Michael Academy
in the Bronx, NY and a yearly weekend of spirituality each July at Marist College in Poughkeepsie,
The GMC also sponsors a quarterly newsletter,
Marists All, that has a mailing of over 300
individuals and couples.

The newsletter is available online at http://academic2.marist.edu/foy/maristsall.
(If the newsletter fails to load properly, go to www.microsoft.com/downloads for a patch.)
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Marist Laity Groups

Local Poughkeepsie Area, NY

Left to right standing:
John Scileppi, Brother Joe Belanger, Mo Bibeau.
Betty Perreault is seated.
All are pictured at the GMC weekend, July 2008.