Coral Springs, Florida

Marist Way South Florida

St Andrew Catholic Church Parish Office
(not hall)

Contact Information:
Justin & Gerry Mehler
Adult Marist Way Facilitators

Johnny & Millie Lopez
Marist Way Youth Leaders
954-803-3893 (cell)

Youth Activity:
Retreat for Middle Schoolers
November 12-14, 2010
Group statistics: Marist Way group started in July 2006 with 11 members (9 adults and 2 children). Monthly
gatherings vary from 3 to 9 members.

Present facilitators: Justin & Gerry Mehler

Ministries: No additional ministry. Participants are already active Church ministers.

Meetings: Every 3rd Saturday of the month following the 9:00 am Saturday Mass at St Andrew Catholic Church,
Coral Springs, FL 33065

Special activities:
* Our group hopes to focus on inviting more children and young adults/Life Teens members of St Andrew and
surrounding Catholic Parishes to Marist Laity monthly gatherings.
* We wish to be available to talk at Life Teen meetings about how young adults can join us in
Doing the Work of Mary.
* Some members hope to attend the Marist Laity Conference at Santa Cruz, CA on Memorial Day week-end, if possible.  

Rosemary and Don Kean of Melbourne, FL helped launch the Coral Springs, FL Marist Laity group at the initial July 22,
2006 Marist Laity gathering and the first monthly meeting September 16, 2006.

September 16, 2006 meeting

(from left to right):
Solange Pierre-Paul,
Johanne Pierre-Paul,
Kitty Lacy,
Bernadette Compos,
Jeanette Casaletto,
Lorraine Dobies,
Carmella Di Santo,
Rosemary & Don Kean (Melbourne, FL),
Chloe, Cassidy and Millie Lopez (front row).

Sheila Barrett is taking the picture!
Gathering on December 16th,  
St. Andrew Catholic Church,
Coral Springs, FL 33065

Back Row:
Kitty Lacy,
Laura Jean Kaye (moved Dec.17th to Gainsville,
Sheila Barrett.

Middle Row:
Chloe and Cassidy Lopez,

Bottom: Millie Lopez.